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Noir Palace Rules and Conditions

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Noir Palace Rules and Conditions

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:23 pm

Noir Palace Ladies (NL) Rules of Conduct
Noir Palace [vww://utherverse.vww/@148106/@994058]
Noir Palace Ladies (NL) Guidelines of Conduct

1. NLs satisfy ONLY Members. Dance, chat, lap are provided free. Sex or role play is provided for 30 Rays minimum up to 50 Rays. Visitors in Noir Palace are not allowed to get sex services. Visitors only receive a tour in Noir, to help them decide become Members.

2. NLs use only VIP Rooms (1-4) in Noir Palace.

3. NL is not allowed to do PAID sex in other places (working in other clubs, or freelancers). Exception: In a Member’s Zaby for ONLY those who keep a DOOR in 1st Floor.

4. NLs encourage their clients to come in Noir Palace. 20% of membership is given back to NL as a bonus.

5. A NL is asked to open an internal channel (defined by the NL already present in Noir Palace); greet people coming in, attend regular meetings with Noir Palace staff; be present at parties organized by Noir Palace; and to attend trainings.

6. A NL is required to set a period of three (3) hours per day when they shall be in Noir Palace ready to provide their services.

7. Every NL must be VISIBLE in RLC. If rules are broken, Manager suspends the NL (temporary boot) and propose to NL selection committee her permanent delete (ban by Noir).

1. Noir Palace guarantees a MINIMUM of 500 Rays per month received by Members services, considering that NL follows all rules asked. NL starts working with an established list of Members whose requirements are monitored.

2. 20% of membership is given back to NL for their clients who become Members.

3. Sex charge that a NL gets, is 30 rays minimum up to 50 rays.

4. NL, who is present in Noir Palace parties, receives 30 rays.

5. NL, who is present in Noir Palace auctions, is guaranteed to win 100 rays minimum for service provision to participating clients.


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